Condition Guide:
-Premium Item is in almost brand new condition with no signs of use.
-Excellent item has very little signs of wear.
-Very Good item has visible signs of wear.
-Good item has been worn with significant signs of wear and use.
-Belo Good item has been worn with significant signs of wear and use.

Return and Exchange Policy
Our Exchange & Return policy lasts 10 days. You can return or exchange a product for any reason within 10 days

Why Buy From

  1. All products are 100% original with money back guarantee. We don’t sell any fake replica or copy product.
  2. We take original pictures of all the products which you see on our website we don’t edit any product picture to make the product look good. What you see in the pictures is exactly what you will receive.
  3. We offer 10 days FREE exchange & return policy. If you don’t like what you ordered, we will return your money. Just email us at
  4. We deliver all across Pakistan
  5. All products are sorted and inspected for quality and condition. Our team makes sure that our customers don’t receive any defected or faulty product.
  6. Shoes are washed. You can wear them directly when you receive without having to wash them.
  7. We strive to offer top variety of international brands to our customers which are not available in the local market.
  8. We offer top condition products to our customers which are as good as buying brand new. Suck condition products are very hard to find in the local market but at can find them easily.

How to buy
Shopping in is very simple. You just have to follow these steps

  1. Click on the “Shop All Product” Button and the open the product which you want to buy
  2. Click on “Add to cart” button and the product will be added to cart. If you want to continue shopping, Keep adding products to your cart which you want to buy.
  3. After all products are added to cart click on “Cart Icon” which looks like basket. You can find it on the right top corner of your mobile screen or desktop screen
  4. Click on the “Go to Next Step” button in the cart
  5. Enter your complete details correctly include your name, email address, mobile number and delivery address. If you don’t know your postal code, enter “0000”.
  6. Click on Go to Next step and click “Confirm Order” you will receive your order within 3 to 4 days via cash on Delivery basis

Payment method is “Cash on Delivery”. It means you will have to pay for your order when it is delivered to your address via Courier Service

Please note that you will not be allowed to open the parcel before you pay for the product. We request you to please pay first and receive your order. In case if there is some size issue or you don’t like the product, you can return us within 10 days and get your money back.

Shipping Time
The average time of deliver is 3 to 4 working days.

However sometimes due to holidays, the delivery time can extend up to 7 days. If you don’t receive your order within 7 days, please write us an email at and we will track the status your order